Threshold Academy

A future bookstore and non-traditional educational and performance space in Western Massachusetts!


Writing this in my notebook was the beginning of manifesting this dream.

Writing this in my notebook was the beginning of manifesting this dream.


Threshold Academy, on one hand, is a future bookstore and alternative educational space in Western Massachusetts, inspired by projects like Wolfman Books. Imagine a bookstore that is also a literary arts center, with performances and workshops—a hub for community and a site of utopian dreaming and resistance.

Threshold Academy is also an experiment in pedagogy located online and wherever its collaborators are! In collaboration with the The Operating System and others committed to similar visions, we plan to build a library of open syllabi, develop workshops and skillshares on and offline, and focus on the production of open source work-books and guides for the individual, community, and classroom alike.

If you’re interested in being part of building out tools and resources for radical pedagogy with us, be in touch! An initial work-books working group will be forming in the fall of 2019. Email the Operating System with your interest! We have online community meetings monthly.

Right now, the Western MA incarnation looks like: The But Also house reading series, Porch Pop Up book and vintage clothing sales, and tarot readings that come with poems written on the spot, living room writing workshops, and our home library residency program.

To learn more about the Western MA incarnation, I encourage you to email or sign up for my mailing list!