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Sponge: Tuck, Bentley, Billmeyer-Finn

Sponge is excited to present a reading full of out-of-town pals who unwittingly made Sponge possible in the first place.

How's that, you ask?

Well I guess you have to come to the reading to find out!!

This one is on a FRIDAY, August 16th, a bit of a change, and features Bay Area prodigal daughters Zoe Tuck and Britt Billmeyer-Finn, and Philly's Levi Bentley

Doors at 7:30
Reading at 8 (or as close to 8 as we can muster)

Accessibility: there is a stoop with 3 steps up to the door, and a somewhat narrow entry hallway; there is also a very attention-loving 3yr old medium-sized pitbull mix who will definitely try to stick her tongue in yr mouth if you let her...


Zoe Tuck was born in Texas, became a person in California, and now lives in Massachusetts, where she is building the Threshold Academy, a bookstore and non-traditional educational / performance space. She co-curates the But Also house reading series. Zoe is the author of Soft Investigations (Daisy Mayhem Books 2019), Terror Matrix (Timeless, Infinite Light 2014), and is currently working on new poems and a critical book of trans poetics. Find out more at

Levi Bentley is a LAMBDA Literary fellowship recipient, and artist member at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA. They teach workshops, write reviews, and make publications with friends. "Bucolic Eclogue" was released from Lamehouse Press in July 2016. Chapbooks "Obstacle, Particle, Spectacle", "&parts", and "Stub Wilderness" were released from 89plus/LUMA Foundation, Damask Press, and Well Greased Press, respectively. Vitrine released their tape "Red Green Blue". Poems have appeared through Apiary, Bedfellows, BlazeVOX, Elective Affinities, Fact-Simile, Gigantic Sequins, Madhouse, Maestra Vida, Magic Pictures, Painted Bride Quarterly, Stillwater Review, The Wanderer, and a variety of other venues.

Britt Billmeyer-Finn is a poet, playwright and social worker living in Northampton, MA where she co-curates the living room reading series The But Also. She also curates the At Home Library Archive Residency Program under the umbrella of Threshold Academy, a future bookstore and non-traditional education space in western MA. Britt is the author of the meshes, Black Radish Books (2015) and Slabs, Timeless Infinite Light (2016). Her work has been published in various anthologies and online journals. She continues to write poems, plays and epistolary.