Working Notes—November 2018

This is a living growing and intentionally unedited (or very lightly edited) document. It tracks some of my reading life. As such, these aren’t really book reviews, even informal ones. Sometimes, for instance, while I’m reading a book, I’ll have it dead wrong in ways that completing it, re-reading it, talking about it, or putting it in conversation with other texts will illuminate. But the having-been-wrong is an important part of learning. I am grateful to be so frequently wrong and misinformed because it gives me an opportunity to grow through reading and conversation.

 This blog will reflect my preoccupations and explore them with a fluid sort of method that involves a consensus between my different selves (poet, queer, trans woman, autodidact, academic, etc.). This blog will also reflect my curiosity about the social life of books—showing them to my friends, getting recommendations, and giving them.

Zoe Tuck